Top 15 Healthcare Software Companies in 2024

Healthcare software companies

Healthcare software companies will be the pioneers of change in the healthcare sector in 2024. Today, these companies are using advanced technology solutions to advance the quality of patient care, operational efficiency, and general productivity. The following list has included the top 15 healthcare software companies that are growing rapidly and providing the best solutions for the future of healthcare.

1. KMS Healthcare

It is recommended that when choosing a healthcare software solutions company that goes the extra mile to deliver more than expectations, KMS Healthcare tops the list. KMS Healthcare has been in the market for many years and offers affordable solutions that are packed with features to meet all healthcare needs, including patient database applications, and telemedicine services. Their outstanding EHR solutions help to consolidate patients’ health records making it easier for the providers. KMS Healthcare prioritizes data security and adheres to strict healthcare regulations to protect the patients’ details.

Every practice is different and KMS Healthcare stands out as a company that can provide specific healthcare software solutions that may suit the given practice and its employees’ preferences. KMS Healthcare is a perfect blend of experience and innovation; the company has experience after working with more than fifty health tech clients and innovation as a developer of the best software testing and automation products. They developed their software solutions with the ability to scale up and add or modify features based on the practices. If you are searching for the best healthcare software services, then KMS Healthcare is the name to trust.

2. CorroHealth

Founded in Plano, Texas, and staffed by 8,500 employees, CorroHealth provides comprehensive services and innovative tools to enhance the financials of the world’s hospitals and health systems. Their software is used by more than 300 doctors and technicians in the medical field. VISION, one of CorroHealth’s leading solutions, focuses on clinical cases and manages resources to achieve the greatest amount of compliant revenue possible for the healthcare organization.

Recently, CorroHealth has introduced the REVIVE platform, which can be considered a breakthrough in intelligent technologies in healthcare management, especially concerning aged receivables. They also launched PULSE AI-automated coding which is the best in the market and has high efficiency and accuracy rates of 100% and 97%, respectively. Also, CorroHealth’s newest product is called VISION and it improves CDI by using superior DRG revenue integrity technology.

3. WellSky

Located in Overland Park, KS, WellSky is a leader among healthcare software companies, providing innovative software, analytics, and services that enhance outcomes and cost efficiencies across the health and community care spectrum. Their extensive network includes over 2,000 hospitals, 130,000 providers, and 20,000 social services organizations.

Recent collaborations with Millennium Physician Group and Tango highlight WellSky’s commitment to transforming healthcare delivery and post-acute care benefit management. Strategic partnerships with Google Cloud emphasize their dedication to driving data-driven innovation and integrating advanced AI technology into their solutions.

4. Tebra

Founded in 2021, as a result of Kareo’s acquisition of PatientPop, Tebra is an all-in-one practice management tool for independent care providers located in Newport Beach, California. Tebra has now raised $65 million in its Series A funding round having a team of more than 1000 employees.

Tebra is a comprehensive solution aimed at helping practices achieve practice success and providing patients with better experiences through various tools including EHR, billing and payment processing, online appointments, and patient portal. Tebra was launched in 2022 to over 100,000 providers, currently catering to 85 million patients in the US.

5. Edifecs

Bellevue, WA-based Edifecs is a technology company offering its products to payers and health systems, which collectively cover almost 300 million individuals in the United States’ healthcare sector. Some of their clients are health plans, healthcare providers, and government agencies which help them ensure that they link the payer and the provider.

In the past 25+ years, Edifecs has helped customers with aggregating and integrating data through its interoperability platform which is recognized as the Best in KLAS. This platform increases payment adoption and offers accurate care funding for every form of payment, including APPs and more advanced analytics from natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence for patients, populations, and processes.

6. Suvoda

Suvoda is a clinical trial technology company that focuses on the execution of challenging life-supporting trials for diseases such as cancer, neurological disorders, and other rare diseases. Suvoda was established in 2013 by eClinical technology experts to enable clinical trial professionals to leverage clinical trial software solutions on a single system.

Suvoda, which is based in Pennsylvania, additionally has offices in Oregon, Spain, Romania, Japan, and Japan. Having a high Net Promoter Score [NPS], their dedication to quality can be seen through the support of over 1,400 trials in 85 countries. Suvoda in its latest financial report of 2023, recorded a 30% increase in its revenue that has been fueled by increased uptake of the new technology platform.

7. Relias

Relias is an integrated lifelong workforce enablement solutions company for over 11,000 healthcare and human service organizations and 4. 5 million caregivers to achieve tangible results, Weniger. Solutions given by Relias are helpful for customers in attracting and maintaining employees, improving care quality, and minimizing risks, with the help of our technology, services, community, and knowledge.

Relias family of brands includes — Nurse. com, Wound Care Education Institute, Relias Academy, FreeCME, and Relias Media — collectively, these businesses and this mission serve the entire healthcare community and have a singular purpose of enhancing the lives of the neediest among us and those who attend them.

8. Vizzia Technologies

Vizzia Technologies is one of the premier software and managed service firms specializing in real-time location systems (RTLS) solutions for healthcare institutions, numerous of which are some of the largest hospitals and health systems in America. Vizzia’s RTLS offers numerous benefits, including reducing equipment rental costs, preventing loss or theft of items, providing insights into patient wait times, and analyzing various hospital processes.

In particular, their InVIEW℠ software platform, which was awarded the ‘Product of the Year’ title, provides real-time, actionable data and process visibility, allowing hospitals to improve operational effectiveness and, ultimately, patient outcomes. As a prominent healthcare technology company, Vizzia’s software helps clients save money and work more efficiently.

9. is a New York-based company that specializes in providing customized high-quality professional services. is a fast-growing SaaS company and a market leader in Inpatient Journey Analytics aimed at improving care operations’ effectiveness and patient outcomes. This company aims to identify patient flows within the care delivery process of Kontakt by evaluating the patient’s movement. ensures cutting wastage, optimizing capacity, enhancing the work flow, and making staff and patients feel valued.

Using AI, IoT, and RTLS technologies, has a cloud platform of more than 20 applications, for instance, asset tracking, staff protection, patient satisfaction, and navigation. Since 2013, has solutions implemented in over 32,000 end users through 1,200 partners with total of over 3 million IoT devices.

10. PharmaCord

Founded in 2001 and based in Jeffersonville, IN, PharmaCord is a patient services company focused on improving medication acquisition, compliance, and satisfaction. Focusing on critical therapy needs, PharmaCord ensures that patients are given the best care possible at any stage of their treatment.

The patient journey is optimized at PharmaCord through the use of PharmaCord Lynk which helps in identifying and handling all therapy hitches on time. Also, their non-profit pharmacy, PharmaCord Scripts, has cheap programs and also fastens prescription fulfillment.

11. Capital Rx

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in New York, Capital Rx is advancing the nation’s electronic healthcare infrastructure with its proprietary cloud-native enterprise health platform, JUDI®, and the efficient Single-Ledger Model™. Serving over 2.4 million members across Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial plans, JUDI connects all aspects of pharmacy management.

Recently, Capital Rx announced a strategic alliance with Prime Therapeutics, enhancing its capabilities to provide optimal patient care.

12. Nym Health

Nym Health is a clinical information extraction company located in New York City with research and development in Tel Aviv. Their approach to RCM entails the conversion of provider notes into diagnostic and billing codes in under a minute without any human interference.

Nym’s RCM solution has an accuracy of more than 95% and comes with traceable documentation of all the codes for audit purposes. Their solutions can be easily implemented and adjusted for the volume and specific workflow of the organization.

13. Nference

Healthcare software solutions provider Nference uses AI to leverage big data and offer real-world evidence and insights for all therapy areas. Their federated data platform together with Mayo Clinic and Duke Health fastens the research and the custom AI model.

Nference provides over 40 million patient journeys for enhanced research, better clinical trial design, and lifecycle management. Some of the recent partnerships are as follows- Multi-year funding for health equity and a partnership with Emory Healthcare.

14. AssistRx

Patient engagement and outcomes are improved by AssistRx’s advanced therapy initiation and support tools. These include onboarding services through iAssist as well as e-support services and non-commercial pharmacy services. The latest collaboration of AssistRx with GoodRx has made the Real-time Benefit Check in Provider Mode, which combines insurance prices, cash prices, and savings programs to make the process more effective and affordable.

The new Advanced Gateway for AssistRx meets the increasing needs of patient support programs and offers a full range of access solutions, and is simple to implement.

15. PartsSource

PartsSource is a business-to-business vertical market and supply chain software application for the healthcare provider and supplier community. With over 5000 member hospitals and 15000 clinical sites, PartsSource improves clinical effectiveness, staff efficiency, cost containment, asset availability, and supply chain preparedness.

PartsSource’s optimization of procurement and vendor management processes for clients uncovers significant opportunities for improvement. Their new evidence-based model transforms service contract management where one contract replaces many of them. PartsSource is one of the leading healthcare software companies that has not stopped developing healthcare technology solutions.

To Conclude

The role of technology is especially crucial in the modern world of healthcare. To achieve these goals, it’s essential to use solutions from healthcare software companies. Such mentioned companies are setting the pace with their strategic interventions, which helps improve patient care and organizational performance. These firms utilize big data in healthcare to enhance the results of the treatments and reduce costs. Collaborating with excellent healthcare software companies allows access to the best technology and the requisite knowledge to make an efficient healthcare system.

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