Luxury Car Hire Dubai: A Way to Experience Luxury on a Budget in Dubai

Luxury Car Hire Dubai

Are you a car enthusiast looking to experience the best of luxury in Dubai? Luxury car rental in Dubai must be on your bucket list if you wish to fulfill the dream of driving your dream car. Dubai boosts a culture of opulence in all aspects including cars. Hence, the options for renting a luxury car are plenty. However, to get yourself the best deals onDubai car rental luxury, there are certain tips that you must follow.

How to Access Cheap Luxury Cars for Rent in Dubai?

Some of the important tips to find beneficial deals on luxury car rental in Dubai are discussed below:

  • Compare Prices and Policies: There are a number of car rental companies in Dubai offering luxury car rentals at competitive prices. To access the best deals you must check out the offerings and prices of more than one seller.
  • Check Additional Services: Before signing the final agreement, do inquire about the additional costs that you might need to incur. Be very clear about rental policies with regard to insurance coverage, mileage limits, fuel charges, and additional charges.
  • Avoid Airport Transfers: Airport transfers in Dubai cost far more than usual. If you wish to book a car for the airport it is better to commute to a particular location by using other means of transportation. You can opt for a location outside the airport premises and save up on the extra bucks
  • Avoid Peak Tourist Seasons: Do you know, car rental prices in Dubai are higher during peak seasons as compared to off seasons? If you wish to rent a luxury car on a budget, it is advisable to plan for an off season trip.
  • Consider Advance Booking: One of the best ways for luxury car hire Dubai at an affordable price is through advance booking. Advance booking unlocks many attractive discounts. Besides, advance booking of cars allows for a sorted and organized trip in Dubai.

What are Popular Budget Friendly Luxury Car Rentals in Dubai?

Whether you wish to rent G class Dubai or a shiny and sophisticated Rolls Royce, car rental companies in Dubai feature luxury cars for all types of budgets if booked at the right time and in the right way. Some of the affordable options for rent Rolls Royce in Dubai are mentioned below:

Luxury Car ModelDaily Rental PriceWeekly Rental PriceMonthly Rental Price    
Rolls Royce GhostAED 2000AED 12000AED 55,000
Porsche MacanAED 700AED 4,215AED 15,000
Mercedes Benz AMG A45AED 700AED 4,500AED 16,000
BMW 740Li M KitAED 700AED 3,500AED 14,000
Audi Q8AED 900AED 4,699AED 15,999

Note: The prices mentioned may differ depending on booking time, season and other factors.

Luxury car hire in Dubai is a popular choice of many tourists. If you are one of them, check out OneClickDrive, your reliable partner and guide to access the best luxury cars at competitive prices.

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