Is a Hair Tattoo Right for Me?

Hair Tattoo

A hair tattoo, or scalp micropigmentation, is a customizable procedure used to restore the appearance of hair. It is performed by trained artists and can help individuals with many different hair loss concerns. The treatment also requires little maintenance and recovery time. Here is more information about how to know if a scalp tattoo is the right solution:

What Is a Hair Tattoo?

A hair tattoo is a cosmetic treatment that restores the appearance of hair using a special pigment. During the session, an artist strategically places the pigment in tiny dots on the scalp. Each procedure takes about two to four hours and can be done over two to four sessions. Clients must wait ten to 20 days between each session for optimal results. Following the last session, clients won’t need to return for another four to six years. After this time period, the tattoo might fade slightly. Clients can return to the artist for a brief touch-up of their results.

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) implements a specialized technique and pigment, allowing artists to create natural-looking hair follicle patterns. An SMP artist uses a pointillism method instead of drawing lines or shading. The pigment is also diluted to prevent it from fading or breaking down into a different color.

When Should You Get a Hair Tattoo?

SMP adds the appearance of density for individuals experiencing hair loss in certain areas. It can create an even hairline for those with receding hair, cover up scarring, or fill in bald patches caused by alopecia. Before the session, the artist will evaluate the individual’s degree of hair loss and their aesthetic goals to determine their suitability for SMP. If a person has any of these hair conditions, a scalp tattoo might be right for them:


A hair tattoo can cover up scars caused by past accidents, surgeries, or alopecia flare-ups. The treatment involves applying the pigmented dots directly on and around the scarred area. By the end of treatment, the scar will be up to 85% camouflaged, making it less noticeable. Scalp tattoos are also fitting for any skin tone and natural hair color. A consultation with a professional SMP artist will help determine the best way to approach the scar, including the recommended pigment shade and whether a targeted scar cover-up or a full scalp tattoo is needed.

Hair Loss

Hair loss happens to many individuals and may involve balding, thinning, or receding. A hair tattoo can be applied to help restore the appearance of natural hair. For receding hairlines, a scalp tattoo adds pigment to create an even, natural-looking hairline. The artist can adjust the hairline to a style the client likes depending on their head shape and age.

Hair patchiness or thinning may occur in people with long or short hair. A scalp tattoo artist addresses the patchy areas to give clients the look of a uniform head of hair. The artist can adjust the pigment to fit the original hair color and help it look more natural. If an individual is balding, they can shave their hair and replace it with a full-head hair tattoo. This process provides a buzz-cut hairstyle, and the only maintenance required is shaving any natural hair that may continue to grow.


Alopecia, a well-known form of hair loss, can be caused by medical conditions, hair styling, and genetics. It can look like patchy baldness and occur on any hair type. Those with alopecia can get SMP treatment to fill in the patchy spots on their head. This treatment option allows clients to notice an immediate difference in their look. The artist also matches the pigments to the individual’s natural hair and skin tones before beginning the application, promoting a realistic look for clients with alopecia.

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Hair tattoos are suitable for restoring the appearance of natural hair follicles or covering scarring. The procedure provides a natural-looking, low-maintenance solution for many individuals. Those experiencing hair loss in the form of balding, thinning, or receding may use a scalp tattoo to address their hair loss. This is regardless of whether the hair loss is caused by alopecia, aging, or genetics. Schedule a consultation with an SMP artist today to determine whether a hair tattoo is the right solution.

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