How Fast Can the SH 125i 2022 Go?

SH 125i 2022

The SH 125i 2022 is a very quick scooter. It can go up to 70 miles per hour. That’s really fast for a small scooter. Imagine riding through the streets feeling the wind in your hair. This speed makes it fun to ride whether you are going to school visiting friends or just having fun. You will always reach your destination quickly with the SH 125i 2022.

Even though it can go fast it’s also very safe. The scooter has good brakes that help you stop quickly if you need to. It also has good tires that keep you steady on the road. So while you are zooming around you can feel safe and confident. The SH 125i is perfect for anyone who likes a little speed but also wants to stay safe.

How Much Fuel Does the SH 125i 2022 Use?

The SH 125i 2022 is very good at saving fuel. It can go a long way on just a little gas. It uses only 2.2 liters of fuel to go 100 kilometers. This means you can ride a lot without needing to stop at the gas station very often. It’s great for saving money and also good for the environment.

With its 7-liter fuel tank the SH 125i 2022 can travel up to 322 kilometers before needing a refill. That’s like going from one city to another without stopping for gas. So you can enjoy long rides and adventures without worrying about running out of fuel. The SH 125i is both fun and economical.

The SH 125i 2022 Has a New Engine

The SH 125i 2022 has a brand-new engine that makes it even better than before. This new engine is a 4-valve liquid-cooled engine. This means it stays cool even when you ride for a long time. It also makes the scooter go faster and use less fuel which is really good.

This new engine also has something called Honda Selectable Torque Control or HSTC. This helps the scooter keep its balance and not slip even on wet roads. So with the SH 125i you get a powerful engine that helps you ride smoothly and safely.

Why the SH 125i 2022 is Great for the City

The SH 125i 2022 is perfect for city life. It is small and easy to move around which makes it great for riding through busy streets and tight spaces. You can easily zip through traffic and get to your destination quickly. The SH 125i 2022 makes city travel easy and fun.

Another reason the SH 125i is great for the city is because it is very fuel-efficient. You won’t have to stop for gas very often which saves you time and money. Plus it has a lot of storage space for your things so you can carry everything you need while you explore the city.

Cool Features of the SH 125i 2022

The SH 125i 2022 has many cool features that make it special. One of these features is the Honda Smart Key. This key lets you start the scooter, open the seat and lock the steering without taking the key out of your pocket. It’s very easy and convenient.

Another cool feature is the USB charging port. You can charge your phone or other devices while you ride. This is very useful if you use your phone for maps or music. The SH 125i also has a bright LCD display that shows important information like speed and fuel level. These features make every ride enjoyable and fun.

The SH 125i 2022 is Easy to Ride

The SH 125i 2022 is very easy to ride even if you are new to scooters. It has a comfortable seat that is not too high so you can reach the ground easily. The scooter is also very light which makes it easy to handle and control. You can turn and stop smoothly which makes riding safe and fun.

This scooter also has a strong frame that keeps you balanced and steady. Even if you ride over bumps or rough roads you will feel stable and secure. The SH 125i is designed to be simple and user-friendly so anyone can enjoy riding it with confidence.

How to Charge Your Phone on the SH 125i 2022

Charging your phone on the SH 125i 2022 is very easy. There is a special USB port under the seat where you can plug in your phone. You don’t need any extra adapters. Just use your regular charging cable, plug it into the USB port and your phone will start charging.

This is very helpful if you use your phone for directions or if you like to listen to music while you ride. You won’t have to worry about your phone running out of battery. The SH 125i makes sure you stay connected and entertained on your rides.

The SH 125i 2022 Has Lots of Storage Space

The SH 125i 2022 has plenty of storage space for all your things. Under the seat there is a big storage compartment where you can keep a full-face helmet and other items. This is very useful if you have things to carry with you like books, groceries or a backpack.

There is also a smart top box that you can add to the back of the scooter. This box locks automatically and can be opened easily with a button. It gives you even more space for your stuff. With all this storage the SH 125i 2022 makes it easy to carry everything you need.

Why the SH 125i 2022 is Safe to Ride

The SH 125i 2022 is designed to be very safe to ride. It has strong brakes that help you stop quickly if you need to. The scooter also has good tires that grip the road well even in wet conditions. This helps you stay steady and avoid slipping.

Another safety feature is the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC). This system helps keep the scooter balanced and prevents the wheels from slipping. The SH 125i 2022 also has bright LED lights that make sure you can see and be seen even at night. These features make every ride on the SH 125i 2022 safe and secure.

The SH 125i 2022 is Comfortable for Long Rides

The SH 125i 2022 is very comfortable for long rides. It has a soft seat that is just the right height so you can sit comfortably for a long time. The scooter also has a good suspension system that absorbs bumps on the road making the ride smooth and enjoyable.

There is also plenty of room for your legs so you can stretch out and relax. The handlebars are positioned just right so you don’t have to reach too far. This makes riding the SH 125i 2022 comfortable even on long journeys. You can enjoy every ride without feeling tired or uncomfortable.

How to Take Care of Your SH 125i 2022

Taking care of your SH 125i 2022 is easy and important to keep it running well. Make sure to check the oil regularly and keep it clean. This helps the engine work smoothly. Also check the tires to make sure they have enough air and are not worn out.

It’s also a good idea to clean your scooter regularly. This keeps it looking nice and helps you spot any problems early. Take it to a mechanic for regular check-ups to make sure everything is working properly. Taking good care of your SH 125i 2022 will help it last a long time and keep running great.


The SH 125i 2022 is a fantastic scooter for everyone especially if you live in a busy city. It is fast, fuel-efficient and packed with cool features. The new engine’s easy handling and extra storage make it a joy to ride. Plus it’s very safe and comfortable even on long rides.

Whether you are new to scooters or an experienced rider the SH 125i 2022 has something for you. It’s easy to take care of and will be a reliable companion for all your adventures. Enjoy the freedom and fun of riding the SH 125i 2022.

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