6 Resource Planning Tools and Their Benefits

Resource Planning

Are you aware of the kinds of mishaps that happen in the organizational landscape? Well, most businesses struggle with efficiency models and workload distribution because they never master the art and science of resource planning. 

Often when project managers are juggling a handful of projects simultaneously or when a limited amount of resources are available to work on certain projects, real-time monitoring, allocation, and resource management can be daunting. The result of poor resource management? Organizations succumb to the pressure, miss deadlines, commit costly mistakes, and yes, push their finest resources into the fire of burnout. 

If you cannot manage resources manually or your project management teams are struggling with scheduling or allocating resources for different tasks based on availability, skillset, and of course timelines, using a resource planning tool can be an excellent idea. 

It can help to improve efficiency, drive productivity, and save time and resources in the long run. Looking for a resource planning software that can work best for your business? Well, here are some names you can always consider! 

eResource Scheduler

This one is the jack of all trades. eResource Scheduler is one of those resource management tools that’s used by businesses in different industry verticals. The resource planning software can handle everything from scheduling and timesheets to financials and reports. 

Organizations can use the software to identify and schedule qualified resources from a centralized resource database. So, whether you have an organization with all the employees working from the office, or you have a remote or hybrid work culture, the software can ensure optimum resource usage and project staffing without any setbacks or errors, as we say. 

Besides, if you want an all-in-one solution, the resource planning tool can also make your financials effortless. You can deploy the software to define hourly cost and billing rates for better insights into project and resource profitability, so you have better control of your bottom line. 

Get user-based access and secure protocols, capture the real time spent on projects, generate custom reports, and identify gaps between scheduling and reality. 


Monday.com isn’t just a project management tool; it can work like your team’s personal genie that gets things done. With Monday.com, you can create workflows that match your team’s unique style, allocate tasks like a pro, and watch the progress unfold in real time. And guess what? It’s as easy as pie, thanks to its visual interface and drag-and-drop magic. Plus, its integration with popular apps like Slack and Dropbox? It’s like having your favorite tools all in one place without switching between different platforms. 

Team Gantt

Team Gantt is one of the most user-friendly resource planning tools in the market. Specifically designed for those who cannot function without structured Gantt charts, this tool can be your secret sauce for the perfect project management recipe. 

Bid adieu to resource planning headaches, and make everything from task allocation to budget management easy with beautifully laid out interactive Gantt Charts. Besides, the tool also has features like commenting and file sharing, so you can have your entire team on the same page. 


Need a dedicated resource scheduling guru? Float is the tool you have been looking for. This tool takes the hassle out of resource management and allocation, so you have more time to focus on things that actually matter. Whether you want the drag-and-drop scheduling features or you want to check tasks and get the added benefit of real-time availability tracking, you get it all with Float. And did we mention how easy it is to use? With its intuitive interface and customizable views, creating and managing resource schedules has never been smoother.


Airtable combines the best parts of a spreadsheet and a database into one efficient and smooth collaboration platform. The resource management tool can handle everything from resource planning and task tracking to project management. Besides, with the customizable grids and views, you can organize and prioritize tasks easily with the added advantage of easy integration with third-party apps for better productivity. 


LiquidPlanner doesn’t just plan; the tool predicts. If your business strongly relies on forecasts and predictions, LiquidPlanner gives you insights into project timelines and resource availability like never before with interactive dashboards, real-time analytics, and more. Besides, the UI of the resource management software is absolutely simple, and once you get the hang of it, your team will be working smarter, not harder


Whether you are a budding business or an enterprise giant, we assure you these six tools will help irrespective of your business size. If you found your ideal resource planning tool among these six, it’s high time you switch to automation right away! Instead of sticking with the same-old spreadsheets or post-its for resource management, you can always trust a resource planning software to help you stay on track, manage resources efficiently, and ultimately achieve better project outcomes. 

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