What’s New In Overwatch 2 Season 11’s Battle Pass?


C Season 11 is live. This means there is a new battle pass. However, before getting it, you might be wondering what it offers. And in this guide, we’ll explain what the battle pass has in detail. 

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Ultrawatch Skins

The centerpiece of the Season 11 Battle Pass is undoubtedly the collection of Ultrawatch skins. These legendary Overwatch 2 skins reimagine iconic Overwatch heroes as powerful protectors, channeling the spirit of classic comic book superheroes:

  • Reaper: Embrace the shadows with a sleek, black and purple Ultrawatch skin for Reaper. Imagine him wielding his shotguns with even more menacing purpose.
  • Sojourn: Sojourn gets a futuristic makeover with her Overwatch 2 Ultrawatch skin. Expect glowing accents and a high-tech aesthetic that reflects her advanced weaponry.
  • Wrecking Ball: Wrecking Ball transforms into a rolling juggernaut with his Ultrawatch skin. This heavily armored wrecking machine is ready to demolish any obstacle.
  • Genji: Draw your sword (or nanoblade) for justice! Genji’s Ultrawatch skin features a samurai-inspired design with a modern twist, a perfect fit for this agile hero.

The Battle Pass offers Ultrawatch skins for other Overwatch 2 heroes as well.

Beach Vibes and Lifeguard Looks

With summer heating up, the Overwatch team hasn’t forgotten the fun in the sun. The Battle Pass offers a selection of summer-themed cosmetics to keep things cool:

  • New Sprays and Emotes: Express yourself with beach-themed sprays and emotes that capture the summer spirit.
  • Beach-Ready Victory Poses: Strike a pose and soak up the virtual sun with new victory poses that exude summer vibes.
  • Lifeguard Duty: Two Overwatch 2 heroes, Lucio and Junkrat, receive refreshing lifeguard-themed skins as part of the Battle Pass. Imagine Lucio blasting enemies with summer tunes while Junkrat keeps the pool (or objective) safe with his water cannon.

Mythic Shards and the Calamity Empress Ashe Skin

The pinnacle of the Season 11 Battle Pass lies in the Mythic Shards. By progressing through the tiers, you’ll collect these shards, allowing you to unlock the ultimate reward: the Mythic Calamity Empress Ashe skin.

This Overwatch 2 skin transforms Ashe into the season’s villain, showcasing her corrupted power. With a menacing design and unique effects, the Mythic Calamity Empress Ashe skin is a true showstopper for Ashe players.

Beyond the Battle Pass: Additional Rewards

Aside from what the Battle Pass is offering, there are some additional rewards too. These also include free tier rewards. 

  • Free Tier Rewards: Even without purchasing the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass, you can unlock various rewards by simply playing the game. These rewards might include credits, sprays, and player icons.
  • Coin Purchases: Players can use Overwatch Coins to unlock specific tiers of the Battle Pass or purchase the entire premium version, granting immediate access to all rewards up to Tier 20 and additional bonuses.

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